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Rethinking Ink: Removing Your Ex’s Name

We’ve all heard the jokes, the horror stories, and the reasons why you should never get a romantic partner’s name tattooed on your body, yet it happens every day. In fact, it happens so often that when it comes to tattoo removal, names are the most common type of tattoo to be removed.

While we all hope for the best and believe that relationships will last, getting your partner’s name tattooed has grown to reflect a type of jinx. Some even believe that inking another’s name to your body inevitably ends the relationship, leaving you with a permanent reminder of a failed connection.

Let’s take a look at why getting a tattoo of your partner’s name may not be the best idea and what options exist to take care of your unwanted ink.

Laser removal of the name Jaraude showing results after e treatments
Results after 3 treatments with MEDermis Laser Clinic

Bad Luck or an Omen?

Ask any tattoo artist and most will say that getting your significant other’s name tatted on your body is the kiss of death for any relationship. Many in the ink world are superstitious around getting a name tattooed and say that it may not be immediate, but a breakup will likely happen. Additionally, many tattoo artists point out that if you’re in a failing relationship, getting your partner’s name inked is an effort in vain. Save yourself from the trouble and get anything else tattooed!

Why is it unlucky? The answer will depend on your own beliefs. But in the end, the numbers don’t lie. A little over 30% of people who got their partner’s name tattooed regret it. A quick Google search will reveal that someone else’s name is the most commonly regretted tattoo, just above misinterpreted Asian characters and constellation tattoos.

Why should you think twice before getting a name tattooed? Here are some reasons we’ve picked up from clients over the years:

  1. Relationships don’t always last.
  2. Tattoos of an ex’s name can hurt new relationships.
  3. It’s harder to move forward after a breakup.

We hope these tips will help you before getting your next tattoo. However, if you’ve already taken the plunge and are living with a permanent marking of an old relationship, here’s what you can do about it.

Laser removal of the name Mailito showing results after 14 treatments
Results after 14 treatments with MEDermis Laser Clinic

Rethinking Your Ink

In all our years of laser tattoo removal, we’ve seen just about everything. We’ve had clients come in with as many as NINE different names tattooed on their body, people who were in long-term marriages that ended shortly after getting a tattoo, or clients with other ink that was symbolic of a failed relationship.

Whether you have your ex’s name inked on you or a symbol that acts as an unwanted reminder of a past relationship, laser tattoo removal can solve your problem.

Are you starting to regret that name of an ex? Here are some of your options:

  • Partial Removal: Perhaps your ink can be salvaged and transformed into something else. We can perform a partial removal that leaves you with more flexibility to create a new tattoo from the old one.
  • Removal for a Coverup: Do you have an idea for a new tattoo that can cover up the existing one? Most of the time people need to lighten their existing tattoo to have a coverup done. Check out this blog post on how lasers can help with your tattoo coverup.
  • Full Removal: Sometimes we have clients that want to get rid of any remaining memories of an old flame and the best way to do this is a full removal with laser. This also leaves you with open space and clear skin in the future if you decide you want a different tattoo.

Erasing the name of an ex-partner isn’t just for the stars – take a look through our Before and After gallery to see plenty of examples. One photo (see also below) shows results for WWE Superstar The Undertaker, who wanted to remove a tattoo of his ex-wife’s name!

Results of removing ex-wife Sara's name on WWE The Undertaker's neck after 8 treatments
Laser removal results for WWE Super Star The Undertaker after 8 treatments

We hope this information has been helpful as you look at all your options to take care of an unwanted tattoo. When you’re ready just give MEDermis Laser Clinic a call!

MEDermis Laser Clinic Can Help!

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