To Hide a Tattoo or Not to Hide a Tattoo

two women on couch with and without tattoos

Your ink may be awe-inspiring, a real work of art, but there are probably times when you will need to know how to hide a tattoo. While you might not be ready to pursue anything as extreme as laser tattoo removal, you may find yourself in certain situations where you need to look more traditionally presentable. If that’s the case, we have some suggestions:

Think ahead when you’re getting tattooed.

Unfortunately, by the time you are reading this, it may already be too late. However, a little bit of forethought goes a long way. A tattoo that is easily hidden by your clothes or hair can be a real advantage when you have a job interview, or when you are visiting grandparents or meeting your significant other’s family.

Wear turtlenecks and long pants.

This may be impractical, particularly if you live in a tropical climate. It is a relatively solid way to hide tattoos, though, unless you are foolhardy enough to have gotten a facial tattoo.

Apply makeup.

On the other hand, if you are bold enough to have a tattoo on your face it is wise to learn some advanced makeup techniques.

  • First, carefully clean your skin. A fresh palette is best for makeup application.
  • Apply a layer of light-colored concealer using a makeup sponge or your fingers. Be careful to blot it on, not rub it in, because you will want to get good coverage. Let the concealer dry and use a powder brush to apply a light layer of translucent powder.
  • Next, mix a little bit of darker concealer to the light concealer, blending them in the palm of your hand. Blot this mixture over the tattoo until smooth, and then dust again with powder.
  • Repeat this layering process until the tattoo is sufficiently covered, and then spray it lightly with a spritz of hairspray. This helps keep the makeup from rubbing off on whatever you might brush against.

This may sound like a lot of work just to cover a tattoo, and to be honest, it is. If it ever gets too tiresome, you should consider contacting MEDermis Laser Clinic in Austin, TX or San Antonio, TX, one of the world’s leading specialists in laser tattoo removal. Their certified laser specialists are professional and experienced, dedicated to patient care. If you decide that you would rather remove the tattoo than hide it, there’s no better choice in the Southwest.