The Tattoo Removal Specialists™ Austin and San Antonio

We have been specializing in laser tattoo removal for over 16 years in Austin and San Antonio. Our #1 priority has been and will always be our clients!


MEDermis Laser Clinic has provided laser tattoo removal longer than any other company in the state of Texas. We are experts in removing tattoos safely, effectively, and with minimal discomfort.

Whether you want your tattoo removed completely or just making room for a new one, we are here to help. The MEDermis team can remove any type of tattoo on any area of the body. The laser technology we use, the Spectra laser system, has been proven to remove unwanted ink in half the time of older machines.

Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible while also achieving the best in results. We only hire Certified Laser Specialists that specialize in tattoo removal and our team has performed over 450,000 tattoo removal sessions.

To get started, schedule your free consultation to learn more about the process and have your tattoo evaluated by one of our skilled specialists.

AUSTIN  512-637-5277            SAN ANTONIO  210-402-4030

Why Is Laser Tattoo Removal the Best Way to Remove Tattoos?

While there are alternative methods to removing tattoos, laser tattoo removal is by far the safest and most effective way to remove your unwanted ink. The benefits of modern laser tattoo removal include:

  • Fewer treatments: While the number of sessions largely depends on the color, density, age, size and location of the tattoo on your body, most tattoos can be removed in three to seven sessions.
  • Faster sessions: Tattoo removal sessions are typically only 15 to 30 minutes and are often scheduled six to eight weeks apart.
  • Reduced side effects: With laser tattoo removal, you’ll experience virtually no scars, and the skin surrounding your tattoo will not be affected. And because your skin is not exposed to the laser for a long duration, it's less likely to incur damage.

Laser Tattoo Removal Process

When you visit MEDermis Laser Clinic for your tattoo removal or fading needs, you’ll first visit our offices for a free consultation. We'll estimate how many sessions you’ll need to remove the tattoo, determine the cost of services and answer any questions you may have.

A Certified Laser Specialist — trained and certified in the best practices for tattoo removal — will remove your tattoo in during your sessions. Our goal is to ensure your tattoo removal experience is as pleasant as possible — we’ve perfected a numbing technique to prepare your tattoo before, during and after your session, so any pain during the removal process is minimized.

After each session, your removal specialist will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the affected area. For 24 hours after your sessions, you will be discouraged from exercising or swimming to ensure proper healing, but you can return to your normal schedule after the first day.

Learn More About Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Cost

Learn about our special deals, packages, and military discounts. We also offer custom payment plans designed to pay for sessions over time.

Before & After Results

See the incredible before and after photos of MEDermis Laser Clinic clients. With unparalleled customer service, we guarantee safety and effective results.

Safe Laser Technology

Using the most state-of-the-art lasers and techniques, MEDermis Laser Specialists have over 50 years of combined tattoo removal experience.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal. Does it hurt? What about aftercare?

Trust the Laser Tattoo Removal Experts at MEDermis Laser Clinic

Founded in 2006, MEDermis Laser Clinics are the leading laser tattoo removal centers in Texas. With locations in Austin and San Antonio, we have provided tattoo removal services longer than any other company in the entire southwest region of the United States.

Our mission is to provide the best in tattoo removal results using the safest, most effective technology. Our team of Certified Laser Specialists all specialize in laser tattoo removal and work to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Don’t just take it from us though, read our testimonials to hear what our clients have to say.

Our tattoo removal specialists have successfully performed nearly 500,000 tattoo removal proceduress, which means you can rely on us no matter your situation. To ensure you receive the best service, we offer free consultations to help estimate the number of sessions you’ll need to successfully remove or fade your tattoo and to answer any and all questions you may have before the removal process begins. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at our Austin office at 512-637-5277 or our San Antonio location at 210-402-4030. You can also complete our online consultation request form.

Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Locations

MEDermis Tattoo Removal Austin, TX

2111 Dickson Dr., Suite 28, Austin, TX 78704

(512) 637-5277

Our offices are conveniently located 2 miles south of downtown Austin off S. Lamar on Dickson Drive, next to Zilker Metropolitan Park.

For all our local Austin customers, we provide a free initial consultation to discuss your tattoo removal options, the anticipated timeline for removing your tattoo and to address any questions or concerns you may have about your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Monday to Friday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM (by appointment only)
Sunday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM (by appointment only)

We are available 7 days a week to answer questions or make appointments.

MEDermis Tattoo Removal San Antonio, TX

540 Oak Centre Dr., Building 2, Suite 160, San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 402-4030

Our San Antonio office is conveniently located in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, on Oak Centre Drive near the Vineyard Shopping Center and the North Central Baptist Hospital.

We invite all local San Antonio residents to schedule a free tattoo removal consultation with one of our trained specialists to determine how many sessions you’ll need to completely remove your tattoo.

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (by appointment only)

You can call us seven days per week to schedule appointments or ask our team any questions or concerns you have.

Based on 74 reviews
I'm very happy the way my tattoo is looking nowgetting removed here ..the guy who works there is very nice and friendly..he is very great and make me feel comfortable every session I need ..maybe two more and my tattoo will be dissappeared..Thanks MEDermis...100% recommend this place if u looking to remove your tattoos.
Rosa Hernandez
20:26 05 May 22
I've been here over many years to laser off an ill-placed tattoo I got as a teen. I don't go in as often as I could, so it's taken longer than usual. My tattoo was very dark with a range of colors, and done with a heavy hand. The tattoo is almost completely gone, giving me more freedom in outfit choice, and the dermabrasion keeps the skin healthy. I'm considering getting another removed as I'm so happy with Medermis. I would recommend to friends and family. Friendly and fast service, very professional.
Nan Arm
18:58 25 Apr 22
I have been removing a tattoo and I am so happy with my service. Jordan is very thorough and really listens to my concerns. We collaborate on the path forward for my treatments. Highly recommend.
Allison Rene
14:08 25 Apr 22
Mike and his team at MEDermis are amazing. I worked with him lighten three tattoos on my arm to the point where I can’t even tell there are tattoos under my cover ups.I had been going somewhere else in the Austin area for removal services prior to MEDermis and was unhappy with the results. From the first session, I knew the process with him would be much more successful. Mike was extremely knowledgeable about the process and made me feel confident we would get my tattoos light enough.Mike is great at explaining the process and what to expect during the actual laser session to the healing process.I have recommended MEDermis to multiple friends and will continue to do so.I cannot thank Mike enough!
Carly Stevens
20:34 14 Apr 22
I recommend this business, Jordan the technician is wonderful!
18:20 10 Apr 22
It was a pleasure working with Mike to remove a minor part of a jugular notch tattoo. I was able to book my first session within a month of barely getting the fresh tattoo (there were visible results just from the first session!) The process has been quick and convenient - from the consultation to scheduling to the laser session itself. Very affordable service that comes with a payment plan. You are prepped well before each session (which itself isn't too painful.) The healing process is easy which Mike ensures to educate you on. I have so far had 6 sessions completed and my ink has significantly disappeared. Expect professionalism and a friendly, comfortable environment when you book here. Could not thank Mike enough for helping me get rid of my regret. Would very highly recommend.
04:04 18 Mar 22
Amazing atmosphere and an amazing specialist who really cares! I wouldn’t go anywhere but here!
Russell Harvard
19:47 14 Mar 22
This is the very best place in Austin to get laser tattoo removal medermis will be highly knowledgeable and professional and make you feel right at home great customer service I’ve had 4 sessions so far with them looking forward too my next.
Ryan George
19:55 08 Feb 22
I have had only two sessions here and I have seen dramatic results with the fading of my tattoo. It has dark red but after only two sessions the ink is like a medium pink color. I was amazed by the quick results. Mike is very nice and really makes sure you are comfortable. Tattoo removal is not pleasant but he takes the worst out of it. Mike is sensitive to pain levels and is considerate of one's experience. Highly recommend.
15:56 24 Jan 22
Mike is amazing. He explains everything that he does before he does it, he is patient, and answers all questions. He is so understanding if you need a second to breath during the treatments. I feel very comfortable with coming to MEDermis and will continue to do so for my future removals!
Alyssa Garcia
18:43 16 Aug 21
State of the art equipment, cleanliness of office and great prices. Thank you Mike for taking the time to explain the entire process. Prices are reasonable. I would highly recommend this business.
Rowena Killough
22:50 27 May 21
I had two tattoos that I chose to ignore for years. I finally got them removed with MEDermis The lasers really work and I was always surprised how much ink it took off each time.
Chelsea Stowers
20:10 10 May 21
awesome results great services fair prices why wait? definitely check this place out if you got regerts
Jason Petrini
20:19 25 Apr 21
I've been visiting MEDermis for about 7 months now for removal of a rather large black lined tattoo on my upper back. After 6 or 7 sessions, the tattoo has faded enough that I can't even see where the original piece was! Super professional experience, and although not the most comfortable thing to go through, would definitely come back for removal of another tattoo in the future.
Karen Scobey
16:00 16 Apr 21
This place is the real deal. I’ve had four sessions and my tattoo has lightened significantly. They’re knowledgeable and helpful and always available to answer questions. For sure go with this place if you’re trying to choose between here and a certain other chain in town.
Lexi Miller
23:17 19 Mar 21
Great customer service. My skin type is medically prone to keloids and scarring but my tattoo removal has been the best. I've had minimal to no blisters or scaring. I'm thrilled with my results. I think I have one more session. History: removal of lily (flower) from chest. It was only one color and I had it over 15 years. It was already fading.
denivillion trevise
21:23 20 Dec 20
They were amazing! They were informative and easy to work with. It’s a frustrating process and I had to be patient but I am so thankful I found them!
Jordan Brown
02:51 10 Nov 20
Highly recommend this office! Mike is laid back and knowledgeable - he explained what to expect from the procedure and what each visit would entail. Office is clean and friendly. Again highly recommend Mike and his team. Glad I found MEDermis Tattoo Removal!
Gabriel Lilly
00:16 16 Sep 20
I was so happy I came across Medermis, after calling for a few questions I felt completely comfortable as choosing them to do my tattoo removal. It was a great location, super friendly, answered all my questions & made me feel so comfortable. The price was definitely the best ive come across looking for a place. I have only had 1 treatment but already excited to have the next session. Im already very happy.
Michele Mason
01:21 21 Feb 20
Highly recommend. Clean, hassle free and the discomfort of the laser is minimal 🙂
Zach Field
20:33 07 Dec 19
Mike was attentive and knowledgeable in the process and intensity to use on my skin type (Type 5 darker complexion). If he went in aggressive there was a higher probability that hypopigmentation (lightening of skin) would occur. Something I wanted to avoid at all cost. After multiple treatments I reached the point where the tattoo had lightened substantially and not my skin. I'll be back to see Mike for other removals in due time.
JaJuan Smart
19:18 10 Oct 19
I have been receiving permanent make up removal treatments here for over a year. Mike is great we had a thorough conversation about what to expect and the risks involved in the laser treatments before we began. This was specially important because we would be working on a very delicate area- my face. This was the only office in the Austin area that agreed to work on my permanent make up tattoos, the others turned me down because it is such a delicate procedure. I highly recommend Medermis tattoo removal.
Yadi Yum Yum
15:39 05 Sep 19
I couldn’t be anymore thrilled with the results and experience I had at MEDermis. Mike was super informative and professional, he prioritizes maintaining skin integrity which is so important for maximizing long term results. I urge you to come to this location for top care! 10/10
Dana Barbieri
21:26 27 Aug 19
Very satisfied with my tattoo removal experience! Mike has been wonderfully patient with me from the start. Always quick (but throughout), professional, and personable. This office has made my tattoo removal experience as painless as possible!
Yani Torres
21:26 20 Aug 19
Best experience I have ever had! Mike is awesome, he professional, kind, and his work is unbelievable! And reasonable prices!
Lianna Guajardo
14:17 18 Aug 19
My entire experience here has been nothing but great! They were so helpful in explaining the whole process and very professional. The facility was very clean easy to locate and the staff are so nice. Tattoo laser has a reputation of being painful but with their numbing methods I was amazed on how much it helped. 10/10 would referee anyone looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo.
Brigitte Brown
18:25 15 Aug 19
This is the best Tattoo Removal clinic in All Austin TxMost of my tattoos are almost completely gone because Mr.Mike is professional and will take care of you My skin is healthy and I have no big scars I highly recommend this clinic for everyone that wants to get rid of your old ink and wants a new start. Mr.Mike will work with u on payment plans and I can also send pictures of before and after.#1 in Austin Texas
Garcia Perez
18:37 27 Jul 19
Great service, alway done on schedule and very affordable. I highly recommend!!
Chris Montgomery Figueroa
01:13 09 Jul 19
Amazing experience and the process was so fast and I felt comfortable the entire time! I will be back to have another tattoo lightened.
Paul Guzman
16:36 04 Jul 19
I love getting tattoos! And now I love getting tattoos removed! For real this is so freaking great! Like magic! Gonesville!I can’t even rave enough about this place! Super talented at their craft. These docs know their stuff and they have the best lasers in the biz. Super cool place. Go see them on South Lamar!Thank you Mo and Mike!
Shawna Ahl
23:33 24 May 19
I'm currently getting my large back tattoo removed at MEDermis. They are super nice and easy going. I've called the same day to see if they have openings for when I'm in town (I became a flight attendant and no longer live in Austin) and he's made time for me and been very accommodating.
14:56 05 Mar 19
Great product and delivery! I ENJOYED, yes that’s right, my procedure as Mr. Livermore was; knowledgeable, insightful, and highly skilled. My appointment well exceeded the allotted time as we conversed about all things tattoo and tattoo removal.
Angel David Martinez
19:27 26 Feb 19
I’ve been going to Medermis Tattoo Removal in Austin for years now. I had a really dark tattoo on my side that I decided I wanted to get removed, and I’ve had 10 or 12 laser treatments as well as a couple micro derm treatments to help smooth out the tattooed skin. Overall, I have been happy with their service. Everyone there is courteous, friendly and professional. My appointments take about 20 mins total (based on the size of my tattoo) which includes icing the area and a couple minutes of the actual laser. It’s a surprisingly fast appointment. The healing process has gotten a lot easier now that the tattoo is almost gone. In the beginning there was quite a bit of blistering but now I don’t even notice it even a few minutes after the treatment. My experience has been that waiting a few months or longer in between treatments is better just to give my skin a little longer to heal. The sessions are short but the process for me has taken longer than expected. Of course this is dependent on the type and volume of ink, skin type/color etc. Anyway, Hope this helps and I would definitely recommend Medermis!
J. Cooper Rounds
06:06 19 Oct 18
I am impressed with the speed and professionalism shown at MEDermis. They handled an unfortunate choice made by my teen with precision and clarity. I would highly recommend.
Laura Wieland
18:36 16 Sep 18
I was referred to MEDermis by a friend. I have had tattoos removed from my ankle, neck, and stomach with great results! The office is comfortable, staff is great, and scheduling is easy. Appointments don't take long and will do wonders for your confidence. I can't recommend this place enough.
Morgan Gebser
21:23 17 Aug 18
Reasonable prices and amazing results! Definitely recommend.
Norma Martinez
16:44 16 Aug 18
I've been several times for treatment and have experienced excellent service and communication on every occasion. I conducted a fair amount of research before deciding on MEDermis and I have been extremely happy with the results. Thanks!
Luke Monfries
23:47 02 Aug 18
I am having great results on my Tatoo removal. Never have to wait for my appointment. Prices are very reasonable! Would highly recommend...and I have to several friends! If you are thinking about removing a tattoo, go to won’t regret it.
Amy Quinones
17:42 02 Aug 18
Overall I'm very satisfied with MEDermis Laser Clinic. I got a tattoo on my forearm in 2012, and unfortunately months later I greatly regretted the decision. I started looking into removal options, things like creams, injections, and other strange ideas. .Eventually I found laser tattoo removal technology, and found a MEDermis location as the only laser tattoo removal available at that time in San Antonio. I went in for a consultation, and they we're very kind and actually gave me a great very good pricing plan for removal.Now that I live in Austin, I have been going to the location here, and it is just as great! What I like about MEDermis is that they will not only give you laser sessions, but also they use a micro abrasion machine to treat the skin. Mike has been very informative with explaining the process and treatment in every session.Note: I still have 2-3 more sessions to go before ink is removed, and then will need to give the skin time to heal and for the color of the skin to normalize
Tyler Watson
04:45 21 Jun 18
I had my first treatment today and felt very comfortable and confident in this company. It was apparent almost immediately how well trained and educated their staff was. Zach went above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and satisfied with my experience. I would recommend this place to anyone.
malissa peterson
01:38 15 May 18
Mike is always so great and makes me feel so comfortable. $ is always very reasonable and I have seen a dramatic difference with every session. So satisfied
Jackie Rodriguez
19:09 25 Apr 18
Just recently had my 3rd treatment session with Mike and it’s been great so far. I am getting a 3/4” x 3/4” tattoo removed on my thumb knuckle for the Army and was impressed with the fact he took time to come up with an aggressive and personalized treatment plan to try to help me get through MEPS in time. Every session I have been seeing major differences, and look forward to getting this taken care of.THANKS MIKE!
Mattie Smith
06:09 02 Mar 18
I just wanted to share my experience with MEDermis Laser Clinic. I had a consultation yesterday after visiting with other clinics in Austin. I walked in and I was immediately greeted by Mike. The waiting room was full and I starting talking to others that were also getting their tattoos removed. They were more than happy to share their experience and their progress with me, so I decided to get my first treatment. Mike explained the process and I could tell that these guys have been doing this for a long time. Experience makes all the difference. I am so excited that I have started the process of getting my ring finger tattoo finally removed! if you are like me and want to get that long time regret off as soon as possible, Mike is your guy and MEDermis is the place!
Lucia Ramires
22:33 06 Dec 17
I’ve been coming to these guys for a little over a year, and the experience and results have been fantastic. It’s a relaxing, comfortable, and professional environment that’ll leave you confident that you chose the right place. Couldn’t be happier that I️ decided to come here for my tattoo removal. Highly recommend!!
Hector Tijerina
14:42 20 Nov 17
Since leaving my first review 4 years ago, I have had a 2nd tattoo removed at Medermis. Just as great an experience as I had the 1st time. Outstanding knowledge and care. Super friendly and a very clean facility.If you want your tattoo removed...GO TO MEDERMIS.Great staff.. Great location!These folks know what they are doing. Thanks Nicole for ridding my ugly tatt!If you are looking to remove an unwanted tattoo...look no further...Medermis is the only place to go!They truly care about what they are doing. They followed up with me after each visit. Very professional.. Knowledgeable.. Friendly & Caring. I couldn't be more pleased. I will tell everyone I know about Medermis Laser Clinic.Cheers ~ AP
Andrew Price
17:59 17 Nov 17
Love the results I’ve received with MEDermis Laser Tattoo removal. Michael is wonderful and does excellent work. I have been very impressed with the skill and knowledge of the staff. Totally recommend this establishment .
Erin Cudd
00:37 08 Nov 17
When I was younger, mistakes were made! MEDermis has helped remove those mistakes. I used to be self conscious removing my shirt in public because I got tattooed on a dare and ended up stars on my chest. Those stars are no longer a concern, and I have my confidence back. Another problem I had was a small tattoo on my neck. On top of the constant criticism/judgement, I missed out on multiple job opportunities because of this visible tattoo of a Chinese character. I no longer have to ruin the collars of my shirts with make up to try and hide anything. The staff is friendly, the clinic is clean and comfortable. I would recommend this clinic to any and all who need reliable results.
Christopher Phillips
11:46 31 Oct 17
This is my first tattoo removal and I have had such a positive experience with MEDermis. Clean, comfortable, and professional. Like everyone we've heard scary stories about how painful this procedure can be. I believe that when one is educated about their decision one can make an advised choice an…
Flow into Mo Unapologetically Misunderstood
17:34 26 Oct 17
MEDermis is awesome. Just had my third and last treatment. I removed a ring finger regret. I had the best experience. Painless and effective. I saw a huge difference after every treatment. They have been around for a while. I had a friend tell me about them because they removed his tattoo before he joined the military. I see there are other places out there but there is no one that comes close to this clinic. If you want to remove your tattoo then go see Mike.
M Otoya
03:10 18 Oct 17
Excellent! Recommended
joha c
19:33 06 Jun 17
Saw Jordan today and was very pleased. Having been in the beauty industry and around laser tattoo removal for years as well as had laser tattoo removal in Arizona, I have to say I was impressed. She was very knowledgable and extremely professional. Looking forward to more sessions and even services I wasn't particularly interested in before I got to talking to her. I would recommend her to all my friends.
Desirae Charbonneau Randolph
21:41 24 Jun 16
100% positive experience! Got a dumb stick-n-poke tattoo that had a blowout. Basically looked like I had a 3 inch bruise around the tattoo... took one session and the blowout was completely gone. Wasn't too painful and seriously took about 5 minutes.I don't usually post reviews... mostly compelled to now because the people who work there are really great. Was kiiiinda embarrassed to walk in and show off the ridiculous tattoo I let a friend give me while drunk at 4am... but they were so cool and not judgmental or condescending. Great staff, blowout's gone and it was pretty damn cheap. Would highly recommend.Oh, and they were recommended to me from a friend ANNNDDD even my roommate who gave me the stupid tattoo went there to have one of hers removed!! Don't let your mom make you feel bad for a "mistake that you'll live with forever." Pretty easy and cheap to get rid of it actually.
Bud Campbell
19:44 16 Jun 16
Couldn't be happier with my experience at MEDermis.
Jeremy Hancock
20:31 18 May 16
With a tight schedule having Medermis flexible and running ontime has been a great help. I almost almost done with my treatment program and the tribal band is almost completely gone.
Brody Taylor
19:03 26 Feb 16
Pay attention!!! I can't say enough about how happy I am! Thanks to the group, and especially Nicole at MEDermis; my first experience with tattoo removal was so much better than i anticipated. After meeting the owner and researching more about the process.. it was clear they had a well established practice with lots of experience. They use state of the art laser technology and the price is fairly reasonable considering the art I had removed. I was afraid it would be too painful, but it was nothing like I thought it would be. The discomfort was well worth the finished outcome! They are very passionate about what they do, and the attention and kindness I received from everyone at their office has made it so comforting to go back. I have one more to go! I'm so amazed that a forever mistake was so easy to take off. Thanks Nicole!!!
Marisha Hodges
01:34 21 Jan 16
I could not be happier with my experience at MEDermis Laser Clinic at Austin. I am currently getting my second tattoo removed at this clinic. Mo is an incredible technician and she goes out of her way to ensure that her patients are comfortable and well taken care of. Not to mention, she is extremely personable! I would like to say I have a zero pain tolerance! It took me years to start my removal process because I was scared of the pain. I have heard the horror stories about how painful tattoo removal can be but I assure that the method in which this clinic uses is focused on reducing the pain of this procedure. The icing before the procedure is the key thing that helps! I don't think any other tattoo removal clinic puts that much care into reducing the pain for its clients. Trust me, if you have that tattoo you have been wanting to remove, but you are scared of the pain, this is the clinic for you! You will not regret it! Set up a consultation and I promise you will be as satisfied as I am!
17:13 23 Jun 15
Extremely courteous and professional establishment. I could not be happier with the work that they have done for me. If you need a tattoo removed, rest assured that they will do great work.
Jason Burnett
19:46 04 Jun 15
This place is awesome! Nicole is super friendly and she does a great job. I highly recommend Medermis if you're thinking about tattoo removal.
Dylan Donohue
20:54 13 May 15
I was so scared to go in and have my tattoos removed bc I had heard it really hurts. Mo was awesome though!! I felt very little pain. She explained everything before doing and while doing it. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable.
Debra Zuniga
16:48 12 Mar 15
I'd like to share my wonderful experience with MEDermis in Austin and with Mo Livermore but first please let me give a little background first. I've searched all over the internet for a laser tattoo removal clinic here in Austin for a number of years (I was in no rush to get my old tribal tattoo zapped). There are a handful of places, that I believe and am comfortable with, that could successfully remove a tattoo but I was looking for a reputable establishment that could provide excellent results, not damage my skin, not break the bank and have a wealth of experience in tattoo laser removal. I have had three face to face (face to tattoo actually) sit down consults with different with spas and tattoo studios that have touted laser tattoo removal and they were all very helpful and capable of accomplishing what I have required. Yet, at every turn they lack one thing or another. Most spa places use their lasers for processes that are NOT tattoo removal (hair removal, photo facial, etc.) so they TYPICALLY don't have a lot of practice with tattoo removal and the cost of the sessions were reasonable but HIGHER than most. I'm so fortunate to have found MEDermis because that is all MEDermis does, "Tattoo Removal". For anyone like me, looking for results, experience and money (as in keeping your hard earned money) in tattoo removal, do your homework and visit MEDermis. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not. Ms. Livermore was very professional, made me feel comfortable, has YEARS of experience and always helpful and honest. Thank you for taking time to read my review.
Eli Tennefrancia
19:41 13 Feb 15
If you're thinking about getting some ink removed, I highly recommend Medermis in Austin. They have good package discounts for multiple sessions and great staff that make the whole process super easy. Personally, I have been very satisfied with the work that Nicole has done AND I always enjoy our sessions (the talking with Nicole part, not necessarily the laser part). Long story short: competent, professional and competitively priced.
Todd Rogers
17:31 12 May 14
My tattoo is almost gone!! I totally recommend anyone that made a dumb mistake or even wants to fade a tattoo to go here. The staff is really friendly. They talk you through it so that really helps the procedure go by fast. I recommend Nicole because she is so friendly and I feel very comfortable around her. I have had my 6th treatment and If you get on YouTube you can see my whole process. Look for Ellie laser tattoo removal. Thanks
ellie sharpe
19:15 09 May 14
I am having my tattoo removed at MEDermis and the staff is really great and will talk to you about all of your concerns. I trust them and its a really great clinic. I have a really bad cover-up tattoo that all started when I was 17. I decided to have it removed and they told me it would likely take up to 20 treatments, due to how dark it was. I have had 7 at this point and it has lightened up significantly. I still have a way to go but I am really excited about the progress. I highly recommend them if you have an "ink-onvenient" tattoo.
Valerie Kilgore
04:31 22 Feb 14
Like many people I got a tattoo when I was young. A tattoo that over the years I began to regret. A few other people I know had gone to MEDermis and they had good results. Booking the appointment was easy. The staff was very nice over the phone. Once you arrive they walk you through the process - I was a bit of a baby at first, but after a few zaps all was well. After only 4 treatments, my tattoo is barely visible and I have a lot of greens and blues, which I guess are the most difficult to remove. Staff is great, Martha and Nicole, and the results are even better. Thank you MEDermis Laser Clinic.
Stacy Zellner
22:14 20 May 13
Ah, the dreaded tattoo you got when you were 18 in a not so wonderful place on your body. I am so thankful that MEDermis Laser Clinic is here to help me rid myself of that aweful decision that I made so many years ago. The staff is very friendly and they go out of their way to help me out with my kiddos when I come in for a treatment. Nicole is an amazing person inside and out and very professional. In addition to Nicole, everyone I have met there has been wonderful. So far, I have had four treatments and my stubborn blue/green tattoo is really starting to dissappear before my eyes. Their prices are affordable...far more affordable than other clinics in the area. I highly recommend checking them out.
Kimberly Foster
17:24 01 Feb 13
I highly recommend Medermis Laser Clinic. The clinic is very professional, and laid out very well. It reminds me a well decorated dentist office. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have great equipment and a nurse on staff as well. I just finished my 5th treatment with Nicole and am seeing great results. I anticipate that by treatment #8 - I should be finished. The laser treatment actually leaves the tattooed area smoother than when it was before the treatments began. I cant say enough about everyone here. Don't waste your time or money with anyone else - this is the most legitimate treatment center in Austin.
Thomas Kopecky
17:32 27 Jan 13

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