How To Remove or Cover Up Tattoos for Work

Tattoos are an increasing style choice, with nearly half of millennials and one-third of GenX sporting ink. But once individuals start getting older, almost a quarter of them claim to regret their tattoo choices because of broken relationships or lifestyle or personality changes. Some are simply tired of looking at an old design.

One factor many don’t think of when getting their tattoos is whether or not it will impact them in the job search later. Some industries, like art-related fields — design, architecture, writing, marketing, kitchen work and IT support — are more accepting of creative ink choices. Others like the military or government positions have stricter regulations.

Should You Remove a Tattoo for Your Job?

For many, this decision largely depends on how visible your tattoo is and what industry you’re currently working in or hope to work in. Many companies are more lenient about their dress code policies and tattoos. Others will allow you to have tattoos, but only if they're not visible and covered entirely during work hours. Some companies will consider a small tattoo only if it’s not considered offensive. The most stringent industries regarding tattoos include:

  • Military
  • Healthcare
  • Law enforcement, law firms and government
  • Administration and reception
  • Financing, accounting and financial advising
  • Education
  • Hotel and resort management
  • Sales and management



Can Removing an Old Tattoo Help You Get a Better Job?

With industries that don’t allow visible ink or any tattoos at all, you’ll most likely see an increase in your job prospects if you have your tattoo removed. Some employers frown upon tattoos because they believe:

  • They’re not considered professional
  • There’s a negative stigma of tattoos being associated with criminal activity
  • Tattoos can be distracting in the workplace

While workplace tattoo concealment policies vary from company to company and having a tattoo doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful career, many employers still state that tattoos are a personal attribute that would dissuade them from hiring someone.

How to Get a Tattoo Removed

If you’re considering removing an unwanted tattoo to increase your job prospects, the best way to do so is with laser tattoo removal. This method is the best and safest option available today and uses a laser to target the pigment on your body, which leaves virtually no scarring or damaged skin. This concentrated beam breaks the pigments into particles that your body then removes naturally over time.

A certified tattoo removal specialist typically needs three to seven sessions to remove your tattoo, each session lasting only 15 to 30 minutes, with sessions scheduled six to eight weeks apart. The number of sessions you’ll need is determined by the age and coloring of your tattoo, its size and the tattoo’s location on your body.

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