How Tattoo Fading Makes Room For New Tattoos

Did you know that with tattoo removal services, you don’t have to get rid of your tattoo completely? Maybe you don’t hate your ink — you just want it faded so it can be revised or covered up due to poor planning, a bad design choice or an unskilled tattoo artist. Fortunately, that can be done.

The Best Way to Fade Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal is considered the most reliable and effective form of removing or fading ink from your skin. Unlike older methods of tattoo removal, a laser will target and remove the colors of your tattoo with little to no scarring or other uncomfortable side effects like bleeding, swelling, infection or permanent scarring. With proper healing and precaution, you can get new or revised tattoos over the old tattoo area.

How to Fade Tattoos

Not all clients want a total tattoo removal — at MEDermis Laser Clinic we can help fade ink so the tattoo can be tweaked or revised. There are two common forms of fading: selective removal and coverup.

Selective removal is common for clients wanting to remove only their ex's name from their tattoo — the design itself is beautiful, but they don’t want the constant reminder of an old romance. Another common cause for selective treatment is that an artist botched part of a tattoo. A certified laser specialist will clean up the piece, using the laser at lower repetition rates to target the desired revision area.

Having a technician cover up the tattoo means having the ink faded down enough so a tattoo artist can design a new tattoo over the old one. A benefit to this technique is that clients typically need fewer sessions to fade the ink versus removing the tattoo entirely.



Removing a Tattoo to Make Room for More Tattoos

When you have an old design removed to apply a new tattoo that better matches your current style and needs, it’s important to ensure the area has fully healed from removal first. A minimum of six to eight weeks is required to ensure proper healing of the skin. Your technician will provide guidance during your last session for next steps getting a new tattoo, and you’ll want to ensure the area is free of any signs of blisters, scarring or bleeding.

Keep in mind that even slight scar tissue is difficult for even the most skilled tattoo artist because the surface of your skin will now be uneven and ink is more difficult to distribute evenly. When altering your old tattoo to make room for a new one, it’s crucial to heed the advice of your removal technician to ensure your new tattoo looks the way you want it to.

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