Top Tattoo Artists in Austin

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, and choosing the right tattoo artist can make the difference between loving your body art for the rest of your life and looking into tattoo removal techniques.

Reputation is the first thing to consider. If you’ve heard a lot of good things about a particular tattoo artist or tattoo parlor, and better yet, if you’ve seen some of their work firsthand and been impressed by it, that’s a great place to start. Reputation and experience often go hand in hand, and both should be taken into account.

Some of our favorite Austin tattoo artists and shops have built solid reputations based on their talents and skills. If you are considering getting a tattoo in Austin, Texas, these are the places that you should definitely check out:

• Atomic Tattoo
• Austin Tattoo Company
• Platinum Ink
• Black Cat Tattoo
• Resurrection Tattoo

Remember that this is body art. Like any talented artist, a tattoo artist should have both incredible talent in art and design, and also a great amount of technical skill in their media of choice, in this case, tattooing. Essentially, you want someone who knows what good art looks like, and has the skills to produce that art on your body. They should also be ready and willing to listen to what you want and be able to incorporate that beautifully into your final design.

Some things to beware of are a tattoo parlor that lacks cleanliness. A dirty parlor can be very dangerous, and it’s not worth risking infections. Stick with parlors that are kept clean. You should also always feel welcome to speak your mind if you aren’t happy with a design – after all, you’re the one who has to live with the results. A good artist will work to get you what you want.

So go ahead and take the plunge, because remember that tattoos aren’t really as permanent anymore! And please feel free to give Medermis Laser Clinic a call if you have any questions, or check us out on Facebook!