Top 7 Reasons People Get Tattoos Removed

Top 7 Reasons People Get Tattoos Removed

At the time, that tattoo seemed like a great idea to showcase your personality, profess your love to a significant other, commemorate someone or have a symbol forever representing your best friendship. Over time, though, you may decide that tattoo is no longer suitable for your lifestyle. Here are seven reasons people are becoming motivated to remove tattoos.

1. Forgetting a Past Relationship or Divorce

Not all relationships last forever, but your old tattoo does. Many couples want to commemorate their relationships by either tattooing their partner’s name on their body or getting matching tattoos. But after that relationship ends, most don’t want a permanent reminder of their ex.

People might seek laser tattoo removal after a recent divorce. For many years, it was popular for married couples to have matching ring tattoos versus wearing a wedding band. But once the divorce is finalized, that reminder is very prominently displayed, and many don’t want it anymore.

2. Out of Date

A common cause for many seeking tattoo removal is that their personality has changed since they got their ink. Many find that their tattoo is embarrassing or that they can’t relate to it anymore, and removing the old tattoo is a way to have a fresh slate.

3. Poor Work

Have you ever seen those tattoos that were poorly applied — looking more like a blob than an intricate image? Many tattoos have been applied by an inexperienced tattoo artist — resulting in muddy lines, sloppy coloring and poor artistry. Another example of poor work may include stick-and-poke tattoos, popular for many millennials. These have poor ink application and inconsistent lines.

4. Family Matters

A large percentage of people choosing to remove tattoos are people who are starting families. Many feel embarrassed letting their kids see their tattoo or want to prevent their child from making a poor or impulsive decision.

5. Perception Distortion

Several years ago, lower back tattoos were a popular and trendy tattoo option for women — then the term “tramp stamp” caught on, creating a negative perception of that location. Many people are embarrassed to have a tattoo located on their lower backs and seek to have it removed.

Another consideration is that over time, the certain sections of the skin may begin to sag, distorting the overall look of the tattoo.

6. Employment Opportunities

For many industries, tattoos are frowned upon. They can be considered distracting or perceived as unprofessional. Managers might also automatically associate them with criminal activity, even if it’s not the case.

Employment sectors that are more stringent regarding visible tattoos include the military, healthcare, law enforcement and education.

7. Wanting Something New

Another common reason for some choosing to have a tattoo is just wanting to fade it enough to cover the area with a new tattoo. With age, some get tired of the design and just want to start fresh.

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