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What Tattoo Removal Programs Are Available To Inmates?

Years ago, the MEDermis Laser Clinic team partnered with the Texas Youth Commission (now Texas Juvenile Justice Department) for a tattoo removal program to remove tattoos from incarcerated young adults who were nearing release. People ask if prisoners should be offered tattoo removal, and we believe it is a crucial step towards improving their chances for success upon reentering their community.

Unfortunately, we saw many formerly incarcerated youth struggle to find jobs upon being released because of their tattoos. We worked with this program for two years and have recently been in touch with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to start up again. We are so excited about this opportunity because we have seen firsthand how the program benefited many young people’s lives. Many were able to find jobs after their removal, and sometimes employers were willing to hire before the full removal was complete as they were showing commitment to remove the tattoo. 

Tattoo Removal Programs for Inmates in Texas

Many cities and counties across Texas offer laser tattoo removal for inmates seeking a fresh start. One resource that is helpful is a tattoo removal directory from a non-profit called Jails to Jobs, which gives ex-offenders the tools they need to find employment. 

Why is this important? Oftentimes, tattoos on the face, neck, arms, and hands can prevent people from finding work. While every program has its own set of rules and qualifying guidelines, in our experience with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, priority was given to inmates with tattoos that reflected gang affiliation or that were on these more visible areas of the body.

However, before beginning the process, the youth must make a request to their case manager for tattoo removal, and once consent from the youth and their guardian was obtained, the tattoo removal process could begin. Just as every laser tattoo removal treatment program begins, the patient must have a consultation with their laser specialist to develop a treatment plan. While this process reflects the program in the past, it’s likely that any new program will follow a similar plan. It’s important to understand that many programs will also have rules that could disqualify you from receiving tattoo removal (for example, failure to comply with aftercare or even getting a new tattoo during the removal process).

Benefits of Tattoo Removal Programs for Inmates

For many formerly incarcerated folk, erasing tattoos are not a way to ignore past behaviors but to allow them the opportunity to begin to move on and take advantage of a truly fresh start. Getting rid of old tattoos that may have been done while in prison can also help improve their self-esteem in applying for jobs, interviewing, and finding work once out of prison.

If you or a loved one has a visible tattoo that is gang-related, profane or otherwise presented to be a barrier in obtaining work, post-prison laser tattoo removal could help. 

Our Certified Laser Technicians utilize the latest laser technology to ensure only your tattoo is removed with little to no skin damage or side effects (such as bleeding, infection, or permanent scarring). The laser works by targeting pigment in the skin and sending light at extremely high energy for just a fraction of a second. Doing so will break up large tattoo pigments that are removed by your body naturally over a period of time. 

Laser tattoo removal cannot be done in one sitting but over a series of sessions (anywhere from three to six) depending on the size, location, age, and ink used in the tattoo. Because many tattoos in prison are done with DIY/homemade techniques, the ink is typically deposited higher in the dermis than a professional tattoo making it easier to target and remove.

Tattoo Removal for Inmates at MEDermis Laser Clinic

If you’re looking for a clean slate and a way to give yourself a chance to start fresh after prison, you have options. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent first step, and the team at MEDermis Laser Clinic has been removing tattoos in San Antonio and Austin for over a decade.

The MEDermis Laser Clinic team has years of experience and is ready to answer all of your laser tattoo removal questions. Are you ready to schedule your FREE consultation? Get in touch with MEDermis Laser Clinics today by calling our Austin clinic at 512-637-5277, the San Antonio clinic at 210-402-4030, or by filling out our online contact form.