Side Effects of Laser Tattoo Removal

With any procedure, you’re likely to experience side effects. Laser tattoo removal is no exception. However, while you may experience certain uncomfortable side effects, they’re minimal compared to alternative removal techniques. They’re also completely treatable and present in few patients.

What Are Possible Side Effects of Laser Removal?

Getting laser tattoo removal doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have no side effects during the process, but symptoms will be minor and less uncomfortable compared to other tattoo removal methods. Luckily, they’re also not permanent. Common side effects of laser removal include:

  • Blistering: This issue often occurs because the laser heats up blood vessels and causes them to break. These blisters are usually superficial, contain water and ink and heal within three to 14 days.
  • Scabbing: Like blistering, scabs contain the tattoo ink particles, forming within eight hours to three days after your session. Fortunately, they’ll heal in about two weeks.
  • Itching: Itchiness is a sign that the body is healing, as itching is your body’s immune system targeting a weakened area. It’s best to avoid scratching the spot. Consult your technician for advice.
  • Frosting: While the white foam coming from your tattoo looks odd, it’s a result of the heat from the laser penetration releasing carbon dioxide from your skin.
  • Swelling: Heat can sometimes cause swelling that will go back down once your body’s immune system realizes there’s no danger.
  • Scarring: Scarring is a very uncommon side effect, only appearing in less than two percent of patients receiving laser tattoo removal. Always follow the aftercare advice of your technician. Drink plenty of water, avoid direct sunlight and get lots of sleep to prevent scarring.
  • Hyper and hypopigmentation: Both hyper and hypopigmentation are the result of skin changing color and can often occur as a consequence of an inexperienced technician. Hyperpigmentation is excess melanin formation and found in patients with a medium skin tone. Luckily, it will heal over time. Hypopigmentation is the lightening of the skin and may take longer to heal, but can be reversed by following aftercare instructions.

To help control and prevent these potential side effects, MEDermis Laser Clinic uses a Cryo5 chilling device to cool and numb the area before, during and after each session so that you have little to no discomfort.

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