Methods for Changing the Appearance of a Tattoo

A tattoo can seem like a permanent part of one’s body that cannot be transformed or redone. Fortunately, it is possible to change a tattoo. Whether a tattoo has been disfigured from damages to the skin, like scarring or stretch marks, or the tattoo ink has simply blurred with time there is a solution. If you have changed your mind about your tattoo’s original design, then you might be a candidate for a touch-up, a complete fix, an elaborate cover-up or a re-do on your tattoo.

Cover Up a Tattoo

Covering up a tattoo is done by overlaying a new design, larger than the original, which has dark areas that can be superimposed directly over the dark areas of the old tattoo. Scar tissue does not take ink as easily as regular skin, so another option is full or partial laser tattoo removal. At MEDermis Laser Clinic we will fade your current tattoo so that a tattoo artist can apply a new tattoo design over the old one. A benefit to fading and covering an old tattoo is that you’ll need fewer sessions than a tattoo removal.

If you don’t need the entire tattoo covered, we can also complete selective removal. We’ll focus the laser removal to only a part of the tattoo like a name or mistake in the tattoo design. A laser specialist will use the laser at lower repetition rates to target the desired area.

Re-Do Your Tattoo

Tattoos that are old, blurry and sun-damaged will benefit from being re-done. Using the same design, re-drawn with needle and ink over the original, a re-done tattoo will not look exactly like the old one but may possess an intriguing three-dimensionality and depth stemming from the overlay of new, sharp lines of link over the old, blurry lines.

Touching Up Faded Tattoos

Another, more subtle option is a touch-up. Touch-ups can be done repeatedly to keep your favorite tattoo fresh and crisp or to help refresh a partially faded tattoo. Some tattoo artists will even touch up your body art for free or at a reduced rate because it shows how they value their clients and maintain the top-notch appearance of best advertisement for their art and services. Whatever your situation, a personal visit to your tattoo artist will help you decide what’s best for you.

Creative Ways to Hide a Tattoo

When you’re younger and deciding to get a tattoo, you may not consider how this impacts your job prospects or how its location may not be ideal for formal events or the workplace. If you still love your tattoo and need a quick and easy cover-up for a tattoo, try these simple solutions:

  • Makeup: To cover up a tattoo with makeup, apply a foundation shade with a peach or pink shade over dry skin to neutralize the darkness of the ink. Then, use a powder to set the area, and apply another layer of foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Accessories: Depending on the location of your tattoo, you can easily use accessories like scarves, watches or bracelets to cover your art in a convenient and stylish way.
  • Clothing: Also an easy solution, you can utilize your clothing choices to easily cover your tattoos. Consider wearing long sleeves and pants, tights, Spanx or high-top shoes to work or events to keep your tattoos under wraps.

Call MEDermis Laser Clinic to Fade or Remove Your Tattoo

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