How to Know If You Should Cover Up a Tattoo or Have It Removed

Getting a tattoo can be a fun and expressive way to display your interests and style colorfully and permanently — but what are your options when you no longer want your body art or can no longer have it so visible for your job? Tattoo coverups or removals can be a solution if you need a change to your ink.

Pros and Cons of Tattoo Coverups and Removals

Depending on whether you want to completely remove your tattoo for a job or just redo an old tattoo to better fit your current aesthetic, there are benefits and drawbacks for both tattoo removal and coverups.

A coverup is an ideal solution if you still like having tattoos and don’t have any employment restrictions for showing them. It allows you to salvage an old tattoo, and darker colors are used to ensure the old ink is properly covered. However, when you get a coverup, you have to make the tattoo bigger and increase the depth of the ink to adequately cover the old tattoo. If you ever decided to have a tattoo removal later, it will take many more sessions to be able to remove the added layers and pigment concentration.

Laser tattoo removals are a highly effective method to deal with old, unwanted ink because the process is highly effective with minimal side effects or pain. Removals also give you the option to have an entirely new tattoo applied over the site without the added size or concentration of pigment. Unlike a coverup, however, removals can be costly. The method can also be time-consuming, with most patients requiring more than three sessions that are scheduled six to eight weeks apart.

Best Way to Camouflage Tattoos

If you’ve got beautiful body art you don’t want to remove, then consider these following techniques to cover your tattoos for your work’s dress code or for formal events:

  • Application of makeup
  • Accessories like tights, scarves and jewelry
  • Clothing with long sleeves or high-top shoes
  • Bandages over small sites

What to Expect From Laser Tattoo Removal

When you decide to have a partial or complete removal, laser removal is considered today’s safest and most effective technique. A certified technician uses a laser to target the pigment in your tattoo, breaking the ink into smaller particles that are then removed through the body’s natural processes. After each session, you may experience minor discomfort like scabbing or itching, but MEDermis Laser Clinic has developed a numbing process that is used before, during, and after each session to minimize any effects.

Depending on the qualities of your tattoo — its age, coloring, size and location — you may require three or more sessions, each lasting 15 to 30 minutes and scheduled six to eight weeks apart.

Trust MEDermis Laser Clinic for Safe, Effective Tattoo Removal

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