How Long Does Each Laser Tattoo Removal Session Last?

There are many reasons to get a tattoo. You might have gotten yours because you wanted to remember a special person, pledge your love, or just express yourself through awesome artwork. Sadly, there are almost as many reasons to remove it. Whether you’ve broken up with the girl whose name is tattooed across your stomach, or you can’t get hired because of that flower on your face, or your tattoo artist turned out to be a hack, or you just need more space to fit in some new ink; regardless of why, you have options for tattoo removal. Old-school methods included surgery, or applying a caustic solution to take off the top layer of skin, but the most up-to-date choice is laser tattoo removal. One question you might have is, how long does the tattoo removal session take?

If you are worried about prolonged exposure to lasers, rest assured, there‘s no need to worry. For a tattoo the size of a solver dollar, the actual laser exposure is less than 30 seconds, and it only targets the color in the tattoo ink, not the surrounding areas. Besides the short time exposed to lasers, the brief time and minimal exposure carry the additional perk of decreased scarring. The pros at MEDermis are able to use the different wavelengths and pulses of the lasers to their advantage, precisely targeting the depth and color of a particular tattoo, which leads to more natural skin tone and texture afterward.

Knowing that the laser exposure lasts for only a minute, you may wonder why the appointments can take up to an hour. Bear in mind, though, that this includes time for a free consultation. Some paperwork also is required, and this will take some time. Also, be aware that a tattoo will not be removed in one session; it may require from three to seven return visits, each four to eight weeks apart.

A tattoo can be a mistake that seems permanent. However, thanks to MEDermis Laser Clinic, it does not have to be forever. With locations in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, and experience that spans fourteen years, their laser professionals can help erase mistakes and leave skin looking new. In a surprisingly brief amount of time, and with limited exposure to the laser, a tattoo can be removed in a natural looking way and left in the past.