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We gathered the latest statistics to put together this tattoo infographic. In it, you’ll find key information about tattoos in America like health risks, demographics, and economics. Today, tattoos are less taboo in America. But this doesn’t mean no one is getting tattoos removed. Demand for laser tattoo removal increased by 32% last year. In fact, at least 11% of Americans have considered tattoo removal or have already had a tattoo removed.

Some of the statistics in the infographic may surprise you. For instance, tattoo ink often contains a handful of harmful chemicals. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate tattoo ink, it’s perfectly legal to use lead or even chromium. Another surprising fact is that women are slightly more likely than men to get a tattoo–compare 23% to 19%. Want to learn more? Read the tattoo infographic to find out which state has the most tattoos. You can also learn which political party has the most tattoos, and how much an average tattoo costs.

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Free Tattoo Infographic: The Truth About Tattoos in America

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