Different Types of Tattoo Applications

Tattoos have improved so much over the years, and have become more common than ever. These beautiful, decorative pieces of art in the skin can represent many things, to many people. These images, letters or symbols, are made permanent by process of puncturing the top layer of the skin and forcing ink into the underlying second layer. There are a few different types of applications used in creating tattoos and are often representative of the culture applying the tattoo.

Old World Tattoo Applications

Tattoos have been a popular aspect of culture since at least 2000 B.C., and every culture has their own technique for tattoo application. Methods have evolved over time throughout the world. These techniques are popular historical tattoo methods that are still practiced by various cultures today:

  • Bamboo: Beginning in Japan, this technique uses a tool that is crafted from bamboo that’s been smoothed down then finished with at least two dozen sharpened points that act as the tattooing needle. Ink is added to the ends then punted into the skin.
  • Rake and striking: Older and more primitive, this tattooing method uses a sharpened rake made of bone that’s attached to a long handle. The rake is dipped in ink, then pushed into taut skin.
  • Metal tube: This Southeastern Asian technique is a guide for the modern Western method of tattooing. Hollow brass tubes hold a thin, sharp-pointed rod that slides through the tube and is firmly pressed into skin.

Western Tattoo Techniques

There are several types of tattoo guns used today, all with a gun that delivers an ink injection into the skin using sharp, hollow needles. The motor in the gun allows the needle to move in and out of the skin very smoothly and rapidly. The tattoo artist uses a floor pedal to help control the speed of the needles, which can move at a rate of 80 to 150 times per second.

Single needles are used, as well as multiple needles which all have a specific job to create the unique design and style of your tattoo. These needles play a very important part in the lines, shading and overall look of your tattoo. When getting a new tattoo, always ensure that your tattoo artist uses new needles and disposes of any used ones. Also ensure that they sterilize the guns and needles to prevent the spread of disease or infection.

Do-It-Yourself Tattoos

Another form of tattoo application is a do-it-yourself method, often referred to as a jailhouse tattoo or stick and poke. It’s considered dangerous because of the high risk of infection and poor quality of the tattoo. Most of these types of tattoos hail from prisons or county jails. A person will make their own tattoo gun from man-made materials they have available to them.

When receiving a jailhouse tattoo, you are not receiving the quality of ink delivery into the skin as you would with a real tattoo gun. With this type of tattoo application, your skin is punctured with a “jerk and pull” motion through the skin. This method causes ripping in your skin leading to poor ink delivery, poor quality of your tattoo, scarring and possible infection. After healing, the tattoo usually looks blotchy, uneven and scarred under the skin.

Due to the poor quality, delivery and scarring from stick and poke tattoos, using this tattoo application method should be avoided. However, if you have received this type of tattoo, you can visit a laser tattoo removal clinic who can remove the tattoo over only a few treatment sessions.

An experienced tattoo artist is always your best choice when deciding to get a tattoo. They have the experience, talent and knowledge to give you what and are looking for in a tattoo. By using the proper and safest tattoo application technique, your tattoo artist will give you a piece of artwork that you can truly be proud of.

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