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Choosing a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic: 10 Questions to Ask

If you’ve made the decision to remove a tattoo, it’s likely you have not gone through the process before. As the most experienced laser tattoo removal clinic in Texas, we’ve heard every question in the book. There is never a stupid question to ask; however, there are some questions that many don’t think to ask that are actually very important. Here are ten questions to ask before choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic.

How much experience does your laser tattoo removal clinic have? 

When meeting your Laser Specialist, find out how long they have been providing laser tattoo removal and also how many sessions on average they’ve completed. It’s important to ask this question to the person who is assigned as your technician – not just the clinic’s experience as a whole. At MEDermis, we have the most experience in Texas and have been serving Austin and San Antonio for over 13 years in laser tattoo removal. Our Certified Laser Specialists have a combined experience of 35 years. We are proud of all the work we have done, and our history allows us to guarantee the best services and results to our clients.

Are you certified in laser tattoo removal?

While we are on the topic of experience, it makes sense that the next question you should ask is: what training and/or education has your Laser Specialist received? The type of education a technician has will determine how successful they will be with clients. All MEDermis technicians are Certified Laser Specialists. To become a Certified Laser Specialist, you have to attend a school that offers the certified laser specialist program. This certification ensures our Specialists have an exhaustive knowledge of tattoo removal and experience with lasers which they developed through classroom and hands-on experience. Our Certified Laser Specialists are also all certified Laser Safety Officers (LSO), which ensures they are skilled in the safest and best practices with laser removal equipment.

What laser do you use to remove tattoos?

The type of laser does often affect your experience and success in removal. It’s important that it is recognized widely in the industry for reliability and success. The MEDermis team uses Spectra by Lutronic. This is the #1 ND:Yag Q-Switched laser in the industry and has a proven track record of successful results in all kinds of laser treatments. Our Certified Laser Specialists are skilled in using this state-of-the-art laser to successfully remove unwanted tattoos and provide our clients the results they are looking for.

Do you have any before & after pictures that are your work with this laser and at this clinic?

Any experienced Certified Laser Specialist should have a book (whether online or physical) with their before and after photos. Some clinics will provide photos from their laser manufacturer, but it’s important to ask for actual personal before and after photos of work your Specialist completed with the laser they will be utilizing. All MEDermis before and after pictures are of REAL MEDermis clients with the Spectra laser at either our San Antonio clinic or Austin clinic. None have been altered or edited in any way.

What are the risks and/or side effects of laser tattoo removal?

Depending on the laser technology, there are certain side effects that can occur and it’s important to understand what those are. With the Spectra Laser, the immediate effect is that your skin will be red and feel like it has mild sunburn, but the sunburn feeling typically goes away after a couple of hours. For most, there is no scarring with the Spectra Laser. People with scarring disorders such as keloids may have an increased risk of forming a scar. To reduce the risk, follow all after care instructions – both before and after sessions.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

One of the most common concerns about laser tattoo removal is how painful the removal process will be. This question in particular is important to ask because clinics may use different methods to address the issue of pain that will dramatically change your experience. At MEDermis Laser Clinic, we have developed a unique numbing technique that prepares the upper layers of skin. We have also designed our treatments to be quick. Lastly, all of our staff and Certified Laser Specialists have had a tattoo removed, so we really do understand what you are feeling. With our training and experience, we can promise to make you as comfortable and possible throughout the tattoo removal process.

How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?

Before you start your journey to remove an unwanted tattoo, it’s important to understand just how long it will take. Every individual and tattoo are different, so ask your Specialist how many treatments your tattoo will specifically need. The way we determine the number of visits you will make to our clinic is based on the following: the age of tattoo, the color of the ink, body placement, quality of the ink, density of the ink, and how the individual responds to treatments. Knowing what to expect in your situation will help in the process.

Do you have any kind of guarantee that my tattoo will be removed in that number of treatments?

Many clinics offer some kind of guarantee with the number of recommended treatments. At MEDermis, if you complete the number of treatments we recommend and your tattoo ink is still visible, we will provide FREE additional laser tattoo removal treatments for up to a year following your last paid treatment.

How much will it cost to remove my tattoo? 

Typically tattoo removal pricing is based on a per treatment basis. Many clinics offer package pricing. If you feel comfortable and confident with your clinic selection, the smartest choice is a package. At MEDermis Laser Clinic, we determine cost based on the size of the tattoo in square inches. For larger pieces that are more than twenty square inches, a custom price plan will be developed with you and your Certified Laser Specialist. Our cost is per treatment, but discounts are available with our prepaid package options. Your investment should be clear to you upfront, so make sure to ask your Specialist to give you the full picture and all your options during your consultation.

What do you think separates you or this clinic from other tattoo removal clinics?

Although each tattoo removal clinic may seem very similar, they absolutely vary in experience, technology, and just general care and customer service. At MEDermis Laser Clinic, we pride ourselves on our #1 priority being our clients. With the most experience in all of Texas, we provide the best in service and care by using the most advanced state-of-the-art laser for all removal treatments. Our ultimate goal is to ensure we get our clients the results they are looking for.

Choosing a clinic for laser tattoo removal is important to the success of your treatments. Asking the right questions is essential in understanding what your experience will be and guaranteeing the results you are hoping for. You deserve the best, so make sure the clinic you choose is committed to your success.