Certification of the MEDermis Laser Clinic Technicians

When choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic, you will want to be confident in the certification of laser technicians. MEDermis Laser Clinic is the longest standing specialized tattoo removal clinics in the Southwest region of the United States. In addition to using state-of-the-art technology, MEDermis is proud to have an excellent staff of certified laser removal professionals.

Cutting-edge technology: MEDermis is proud to use laser technology by Hoya ConBio. These are the only lasers developed specifically for tattoo removal and can be targeted to affect only the tattooed area and not the surrounding skin, so any scarring is minimal.
Extensive experience: In the six years since they opened, MEDermis has performed more than 200,000 successful laser tattoo removal procedures. They have a reputation for excellence, and are one of the world’s leading clinics to specialize in tattoo removal.
Top-notch staff: Because of their dedication to customer service, MEDermis only employs certified laser technicians. Working under the direction of an MD, most of their staff has been certified through Rocky Mountain Laser College, and some have earned additional nursing degrees. Dedicated to their work, they are committed to keeping up to date with the latest innovations in laser technology.
What certification entails: Established in 1948, Rocky Mountain Laser College is the oldest and most prestigious laser training college. In order to receive certification, students must learn tattoo removal, hair and vein reduction, and general science of lasers. There is also, continuous research and studies on skin and skin rejuvenation. By the time they’ve received their certification, graduates are certainly handy with a laser! In order to keep their certification, they must adhere to strict medical board standards.
Guarantee: Because they are confident in the abilities of their staff, MEDermis offers a guarantee. If there is any ink left after the recommended number of treatments, they will continue treating the area, free of charge, for up to a year.

If you are looking to have a tattoo removed, you can confidently choose MEDermis Laser Clinic. Check out our Facebook page , or just stop by for a consultation, and meet their experienced staff. Certified and well supervised, their laser technicians are true professionals