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tattoo removal technology

Tattoo Removal Technology

Since being founded in 2006, MEDermis has made a commitment to using the absolute best in tattoo removal technology. Right now, the best is the Spectra laser system by Lutronic

Our team has significant experience using other laser systems (the Hoya Conbio laser, Cynosure Revlite laser and Picosure laser), but the Spectra laser system has proven superior by reducing the number of sessions needed and minimizing discomfort to clients. We found the total amount of sessions reduced by almost 30% when using the Spectra laser and stubborn green and blue ink colors responded just as well as any other color. We consider the Spectra laser system to be the Gold Standard in tattoo removal lasers.


The Spectra Laser System by Lutronic

Spectra Laser SystemThe Spectra system laser technology offers versatility, built-in-safety, and enhances clinical outcomes making it a superior tool in tattoo removal.

The Spectra laser delivers light at incredibly high energy for a tiny fraction of a second onto the skin. This breaks up large tattoo pigments, which are then removed over time by your body’s natural healing processes.

Light and heat from Spectra’s wavelengths are only absorbed into the target areas, minimizing damage to the tissue surrounding the unwanted tattoo ink. Tattoo removal treatments are more efficient and less damaging to the skin.

The Spectra has four different wavelengths allowing our Certified Laser Specialists to target and control the intensity level of the beam. This versatility translates to minimal thermal damage to the skin, while still efficiently removing even the most stubborn tattoo inks. Learn more about the Spectra Laser System.

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We have been specializing in laser tattoo removal for over 11 years in Austin and San Antonio. Our #1 priority has been and will always be our patients!


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