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Laser technology has improved tremendously in the last decade. Currently, laser tattoo removal is not only possible, but in the right hands and with the correct laser, it can be done so affordably and without significant risk of scarring.  At MEDermis Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic, we utilize the most state-of-the-art and proven laser technology.  However, we have found that a lot of patients have not had positive experiences with laser tattoo removal for the following reasons.

First, most patients searching for a clinic to perform laser tattoo removal could not find a clinic that specialized in tattoo removal. The majority of the clinics they had found, only seemed to perform laser tattoo removal occasionally, and listed tattoo removal at the end of an extensive list of other dermatologic procedures.

Second, a lot of the patients that finally decided on treatment had poor results, like scarring or incomplete tattoo removal, because they were treated with lasers designed for other dermatologic procedures. Also, patients found that they had to pay a minimum of $250 per treatment regardless of the size of their tattoo – even a tattoo the size of a dime could cost them thousands of dollars to remove.

Third, over the years more and more places are offering laser tattoo removal and this is causing people to get confused about how the process works and who to trust.  Our advise is to do your due diligence by actually visiting the locations.  That way you can meet the staff, visit the facility, talk to someone face to face, ask all of your questions, look at before and after pictures and make your decision from there.  By simply just calling around and asking for the price and how many treatments it’s going to take, will not get you familiar with the process. Laser tattoo removal is a commitment to get to the end results that you will be satisfied with.  You must feel comfortable with the people who are handling the laser.  Make sure the laser technology is correct and get an overall good feel for the place you will be doing business with. If you are regretting the tattoo in the first place, then don’t make the same mistake twice and regret who is doing the removal.  If laser tattoo removal is not done correctly from the beginning, then the damage that can be done will be irreversible.

MEDermis Laser Clinic was created to offer patients a recognizable clinic that specializes in laser tattoo removal, in Austin and San Antonio, TX, using the most state-of-the-art lasers and techniques. The medical professionals that perform the procedures have over 30 years of combined laser tattoo removal experience.

Spectra by Lutronic, Dual Mode Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser

The Spectra has four different wavelengths to offer clinical versatility and safely shatter even the most stubborn tattoo inks. Safely and effectively!

The Spectra targets pigments with precision and delivers energy throughout the epidermis faster than the relaxation time of healthy tissue, thus enhancing safety and virtually eliminating collateral thermal skin damage.

The Spectra laser system is the latest and greatest in laser technology, proven to be a superior tool in removing stubborn tattoos with virtually no risk of scarring or pigment changes.

MEDermis Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic is committed to our patients to always find the latest and greatest in the technology for tattoo removal. This is why we have decided to add the Spectra to our practice. We are the only facility in Texas to specialize strictly in laser tattoo removal.

Our extensive experience makes us the best choice for anyone that is looking to remove their unwanted tattoo or just making room for a new one.

Our staff is well trained, professional and has been with us since opening 11 years ago.

We would love for you to visit us, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with your results.


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