Most Popular Types of Tribal Tattoos

The most popular types of tribal tattoos can be narrowed down to seven different groups. These types are commonly referred to as Hawaiian flower, Indian, letter, heart, sun, superman and rose tribal tattoos. Each of these types of tribal tattoos has its own general meaning and style that differentiates it from the others.

One of the most popular kinds is the Hawaiian flower tattoo. This type is chosen by people who want to express themselves in a unique way and the design often includes the lei flower wreath, orchid and hibiscus. When these famous Hawaiian symbols are portrayed in a tribal manner, the lines are done in dark colors and the tattoo ink applied heavily. Another type of tribal tattoo that expresses individuality is the letter tattoo. This type of tattoo is very unique since it makes use of various colors, line thickness and designs, which also gives it a fashionable appearance.

Indian tribal tattoos are almost always outlined in solid black and are considered by many to be a form of art. The designs are unique and abstract and in order to customize them, the person getting the tattoo can add colors to them. Another type of popular tribal tattoo that requires artistic talent is the heart style. There are countless designs available to choose from and they are especially popular among younger people who want to show their love for a special person.

Not only are tribal heart tattoos suitable to express love and feelings, though. The tribal rose tattoos are also ideal for that purpose. In general, tribal rose designs are a popular choice for younger people and couples. When it comes to lovers of tattoos, though, one of the most preferred is the type known as the tribal sun tattoo. These are characterized by the use of colored pigments and designs that focus around a sun.

Finally, there are the tribal superman tattoos. These come in a wide range of colors and designs. This type of tattoo is becoming more popular, but is usually only chosen by men. It is used as a way to express not only the individual’s character through the chosen design, but also to show a daring and courageous spirit.