Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

So you got that tattoo that you always wanted, and it seemed like a really good idea — perfectly conveying your personality and style at the time. Now that you are seeking to join the corporate workforce, however, the big flaming skull on the side of your neck does not quite have the appeal it once did.

If you have decided to have laser tattoo removal, you have probably called to ask questions. You want to be informed about the procedure. Not wishing to seem like a wimp, though, you may have left out the question that is actually at the forefront of your mind, “Is laser tattoo removal painful?”

Does Tattoo Laser Removal Hurt?

The answer to that question is relative. Like hot sauce, the level of pain depends on your personal pain tolerance. Many clients compare tattoo removal pain to a rubber band snapping on their skin. Given that you have already had the experience of being tattooed, you can probably handle the minimal discomfort. It might be reassuring to know, however, that MEDermis Laser Clinic uses a special numbing technique that is unique to our clinic.

Before, during, and after the procedure, the technician will use the Cryo5 chilling device to blow very cold air on the area and numb it. After the procedure, the skin will be reddened and may feel like a mild sunburn or have some bruising. A few hours later, the sunburn effect will fade, and the pain will subside, but the skin still needs time to heal between procedures. For some colors of ink, like red, there may also be some mild blistering, which will go away in about a week.

What to Consider Before Laser Tattoo Removal

When you’re finally ready to take the plunge with tattoo removal, consider these details to avoid any unwanted surprises:

  • Professional level: Don’t be fooled by a generalist that claims they can adequately remove your tattoos. Specialists have a broader scope of experience, are certified and have the best technology available. A generalist is typically less experienced and likely using a non-specific laser, which will have increased costs and risks.
  • Timing: Don’t think your removal will only take a few sessions. At MEDermis Laser Clinic we can typically remove your tattoo in three to seven sessions, with each lasting 15 to 30 minutes. However, the sessions are spaced six to eight weeks apart, which can span several months to over a year.
  • Color: Depending on the colors used in your tattoo, you may need additional sessions in order to completely remove your tattoo. Greens, light blues, and yellows are typically more difficult to remove – even with advanced technology – as they are more challenging for the lasers to identify. Darker colors, like black and dark blue, are much easier to remove as the laser is more adept at identifying them.
  • Cost: Tattoo laser removal is not the most inexpensive solution for removing tattoos, but remember that it is the safest. At MEDermis Laser Clinic, our sessions start at $49. We also offer a financing solution so that you can make payments over time.
  • Degree: Contrary to common knowledge, a laser does not have to completely remove your old tattoo. If you still enjoy tattoos but dislike your old one, you can have the ink faded enough that a tattoo artist can apply a new tattoo over the old space.

Contact MEDermis Laser Clinic for a Free Removal Consultation

With 12 years of experience and groundbreaking techniques, the professionals at MEDermis Laser Clinic can provide laser tattoo removal with minimal discomfort and excellent results. Using lasers to target the specific coloration and thickness of the tattoo, they can bring the skin back to a very natural tone and texture. The discomfort of tattoo removal is minimal compared to the clear skin you will have after placing yourself in the capable hands of the staff at MEDermis Laser Clinic.

We have office locations in San Antonio and Austin, TX so that we can help you no matter where you live. Our specialists have removed nearly 300,000 tattoos using only the most advanced and safest laser technology available. And if we can’t remove your tattoo in the estimated sessions we provide at your free consultation, then we guarantee we’ll continue removing the tattoo at no additional cost to you for up to a full year. Speak to one of our specialists today by calling 512-637-5277 (Austin) or 210-402-4030 (San Antonio), or fill out our online consultation form.