Best Ways to Have Your Tattoo Removed

Deciding to remove an old tattoo you got when you were younger is a big step toward a clean slate, but choosing which method you’re going to pursue can be challenging when there are so many tattoo removal options. Do those cheap drugstore creams really work? Is rubbing the layers of skin away with dermabrasion a safe option? Should you invest in the latest laser technologies?

The Best, Safest Way to Remove Ink: Laser Tattoo Removal

When considering tattoo removal, keep in mind that today, laser tattoo removal is regarded as the safest and most successful method for removing ink. The lasers work by targeting the darker pigment in your skin then breaking the particles into smaller pieces that the body’s immune system eliminates overtime. With laser tattoo removal, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Fewer treatments: Typically, patients need only three to seven treatments to completely remove their tattoo. What determines the number of sessions you’ll require is the age, coloring, location, and ink density of your tattoo.
  • Faster sessions: MEDermis Laser Clinic has perfected laser removal, and you can expect sessions that are only 15 to 30 minutes long. Sessions will be scheduled every six to eight weeks.
  • Lessened side effects: Unlike other removal methods, with laser removal, you can expect little to no scarring at the tattoo site or on the surrounding skin.
  • Effective removal of most colors: In the past, lighter colors like greens, yellows, and turquoise were quite difficult to remove. Now, with the latest laser technology, we can target those colors — you’ll see virtually no trace.

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Because cost is often a factor for removing tattoos, many turn to creams for their removal solution. Laser tattoo removal can be expensive. However, creams only fade and don’t completely remove the tattoo because the ink is so deeply penetrated into the skin and creams are only working on the top, the outer layer of skin. Essentially, creams speed up the fading process that all tattoos undergo over time by bleaching the skin.

Keep in mind, this process still takes months to see any obvious results, and you should be wary if you have sensitive skin or any other skin conditions. The repetitive use of these bleaching creams can irritate your skin.

How Successful Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective technique for removing tattoo ink compared to other methods because it can safely remove all tattoo types and color pigments with little to no scarring. Alternative methods — like salabrasion, surgical removal, and dermabrasion — are often ineffective, leave scars or damaged skin, and have uncomfortable side effects like bleeding, swelling, or infection.

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For over 12 years, MEDermis Laser Clinic has removed tattoos from patients living in or around the San Antonio and Austin, TX areas. We’ve removed nearly 300,000 tattoos by using the best and safest laser removal technology, so your experience is pain-free and leaves little scarring. And if the cost is a concern to you, we can also discuss financing options during your consultation. Schedule a free tattoo removal consultation today by completing our online form or speaking to one of our specialists at our Austin office, 512-637-5277, or our San Antonio location, 210-402-4030.