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before and after tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Click any photo below to open the gallery slideshow of before and after photos of MEDermis clients. No alterations were made to the photos and each client provided approval prior to publishing.

You will notice exceptional results without any damage to the skin.  Every individual will realize different outcomes in regards to the number of treatments needed.  There are many variables involved when determining the number of treatments it will take.  During the free initial consultation, we will examine the tattoo and the individuals skin type.  From there we will be able to give a rough estimate of how many treatments it will take.  This estimate will be determined using our vast experience in dealing with these factors that we examine.  Many times it takes 1 or 2 treatments for us to get a much better understanding of what the ink is all about and how the individual is responding to the treatments.  At that time we can usually start to fine tune how many more treatments it will take to fully remove the tattoo.

We take great pride in providing safe, affordable and effective laser tattoo removal services.  After almost a year of side by side comparison with the Hoya Conbio (now Cynosure Revlite and Picosure), we determined that the Spectra by Lutronics is the most advanced laser technology – the proof is in the pictures!


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We have been specializing in laser tattoo removal for over 11 years in Austin and San Antonio. Our #1 priority has been and will always be our patients!


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