Our Team

The Certified Licensed Laser Technicians at MEDermis are truly the best of the best. With a combined experience of over 30 years in laser tattoo removal, our team is the reason we are so successful and can guarantee results to our clients.

Mo - Manager, CLS, LSO, LMA


(Austin & San Antonio)

Mo has over 14 years of Laser Tattoo Removal experience. She was introduced to Laser Tattoo removal in Miami while working with a group of internal medicine physicians. Mo received her certification from Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, CO.

Mo has been with MEDermis laser clinic since the start. Prior MEDermis Laser Clinic, we were called LoneStar Laser Clinic. MEDermis Laser Clinic has been offering tattoo removal services since 2006. Mo has successfully performed over 100,000 laser tattoo treatments and has trained over 10 Certified Laser Specialists who now work with MEDermis in all of the other locations in Texas. Mo is married and lives in Austin with her two boys. Mo has worked in the medical field for over 25 years, and she is very committed to patient care and satisfaction.

Jordan - CLS, LSO, LMA



Jordan joined MEDermis in 2015, working in both locations.  She moved to Dallas in 2018 to pursue a career in law.  She has moved back to Austin, where she continues to work in the field of law as a paralegal, but still has a burning passion to remove tattoos.  We are delighted to have Jordan back as a part of the MEDermis team in Austin.

Hunter - Manager, CLS, LSO, LMA


(San Antonio)

Hunter joins the MEDermis team with over 2 years of experience.  Spending 6 months training extensively with Mike and Mo at the Austin location.  She if very passionate about her craft and brings calm, assurance and attention to detail to every tattoo removal treatment she encounters.


Mike - CLS, LSO



(Austin & San Antonio)

Mike is one of the original Certified Laser Specialists. He received his certification from Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, CO. Mike is laser focused and very passionate about removing tattoos. With his extensive background and experience he has seen almost every type of tattoo and body placement. Mike has learned not to say he has “seen it all”, because as soon as he does, someone walks in with a tattoo crazier than what he had seen before.

Iris - RN, CLS, LSO, LMA

(Austin & San Antonio)



Iris has been with MEDermis Laser Tattoo Removal clinic since day ONE. Iris is the nurse director and continues to further her education. Iris is happiest in a classroom. Iris is extremely passionate and has exceptional bedside manner.  When Iris is not working she loves to spend time with her daughter and her son. Iris loves taking walks and hikes in the country and listening to live music.