Laser Tattoo Removal: Generalist versus Specialist

Should you choose a generalist laser clinic or a specialist laser tattoo removal clinic?
Actually, the response is obvious: a specialist just remove tattoos day and night, therefore should be more effective than a generalist, that’s so simple!

  • a specialist provides so many laser tattoo removal treatments per year that the staff get a tremendous professional experience, they use dedicated and specialised laser equipment, quality and results improve, risks and side effects decrease, cost become friendlier…
  • on the contrary, a generalist will most probably use non dedicated and non specialised laser, their staff will be much less experienced in tattoo removal, cost will increase, together with risk and side effects.

Yet, you should not put your skin in the hands of anybody naming themselves “tattoo removal specialists”. You definitely need to check for experienced laser technicians, USDA approved laser technology, premises complying with Non medical class laser operations and professional liability coverage: these are minimum conditions you definitely should not give away!